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Upcoming November Shows


Thursday November 1st

 Jergel’s Ryhthm Grill

Warrendale, PA

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November 1st, we’re  returning to the Pittsburgh area to play at Jergel’s Rhythm Grille in the neighboring suburb, Warrendale, PA.  We love the Pittsburgh area, It’s so green and lush and theres so much to do. 

Did you know that without the contributions of Pittsburgers  we wouldn’t have The Big Mac? It was 'invented' near Pittsburgh by McDonald's franchise owner Jim Delligatti in 1967 and distributed nationally in 1968.  Nor would we enjoy Heinz Ketchup.  Nor the Ferris Wheel, Designed and constructed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. in Pittsburgh, 1893.  The Music world wouldn’t have enjoyed the talents of musicians Stephen Foster, Henry Mancini, Billy Strayhorn, Billy Eckstine, George Benson, Lena Horne and Perry Como. And where else can you expect to find a Pittsburgh salad, complete with french fries on top? How would we so simply signify our moods and intentions in texts, without the invention of the emoticon, by Scott Fahlman  in 1982, at Carnegie Mellon University?  Pittsbrugh is on the map for so many reasons.  Jergel’s Rhythm Grille is on the map for their hospitality and the fact that they’re a super cozy venue that’s an awesome place to see a live band. So if you’re in the greater Pittsburgh area come on by on November 1st! 


Friday, November 2nd

Music Box Supper Club

Cleveland, OH


“Hello Cleveland!”  (again)

With just about every post we make on social media, the responses we receive almost always include requests of “when are you coming to ________?”  Anecdotally, it seems like folks want to know when we are playing in any given city, right after we just played it.  Many times the messages are along the lines of : “you never play ________!!!!

Well, In an effort to see how often we come to any given area, we’ve actually tallied up the results.  We’ve played Cleveland (or Cleveland Heights,) 21 times since our first show at the Grog Shop back in April of 1998! From the Grog shop to the Odeon, to the House of Blues, to Evans Amphitheater, we’ve rocked the city that rocks, many times. We’re returning again on November 2nd to play Cleveland for the 22nd time. This time at The Music Box.  Don’t be one of those folks that waits until after we just played, to ask: “How come you never come to Cleveland.”   Instead come to the show November 2nd!   


Saturday, Sunday & Monday November 10th, 11th & 12

Epcot Center, Disney World

Lake Buena Vista, FL

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Speaking of the number of times we’ve played somewhere, this year will mark the 10th year we’ve played at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, outside of Orlando, Florida. 

This series of shows is one of our favorites.  Not only, do we get to stay in the same place for a few days, that place happens to be at Disney World!  Again this year, we are closing out the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  We play three shows a day, so with your admission to the park, you get to see THREE DIFFERENT SHOWS!  

Come and sample food from around the world as you visit the different countries represented. In Epcot, meet some Disney Characters,  take in some Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and enjoy Disney’s amazing fireworks after the show.  By November it starts to get cold up north, so prolong your warm, carefree, summer, and come to Florida, on November 10th, 11th and 12th. You know you want to! 


Friday November 16th

Grooves at the Westin

Rancho Mirage, CA


Nice digs, Swing Music, hot air balloons and a good cause. The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa adds Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to the lineup of renowned artists that will be performing this Fall at the 4-star resort. The BBVD concert will be taking place November 16th as a part of the Cathedral City Hot Air Balloon festivities happening at the resort. This is no ordinary concert, it’s a benefit concert to help raise funds for the American Heart Association in addition to being a part of the Balloon glow happening that evening at the Westin.

In the background of our performance, guests will enjoy the sights of hot air balloons being lit up like giant colorful light bulbs. Pilots will coordinate to fire up the burners and illuminate their balloons all at once for a breathtaking view.

Ticket proceeds of the concert will go towards the American Heart Association’s efforts to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  It’s a win/win  Come out and make a difference, whist enjoying a killer show.  


Saturday November 24th

Lincoln Center,

Fort Collins, CO 

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s Wild and Swinging’ Holiday Party

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“On the first day of Holiday Tour, my true love gave to me, a show by my friends in B.B.V.D.”

We’re going to kick off the season right at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins Colorado, with the first show of the 2018 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Wild and Swinging’ Holiday Party!

By the way, speaking of Disney World earlier, did you know that Fort Collins Colorado is known along with Marceline, Missouri as one of the towns that inspired the design of Disney’s Main Street U.S.A? Harper Goff, who worked on Main Street, U.S.A. with Walt, showed Walt some photos of his childhood home of Fort Collins, Colorado. Walt liked the look, and so many of the features of the town were incorporated into Main Street, U.S.A.   How’s that for some random trivia?

The Lincoln Center is one of Colorado’s largest and most diverse presenters of professional theatre, dance, music, visual arts, and children’s programs.  Folks throughout Northern Colorado have been flocking to see the “new” Lincoln Center, which now features, a new Rooftop Deck, several new and inviting bar spaces, a beautiful new Art Gallery and a start-of-the-art sound system. 

It sounds like a perfect place kick off our high energy, holiday, Voodoo extravaganza. 


Friday, November 30th

Poway Center for the Arts.

Poway, CA

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s

Wild and Swinging’ Holiday Party

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On the Second day of our Holiday (tour) My true love gave to me:
Two turtle doves, and a Poway show by your friends in B.B.-VDDDDDD!

That’s right! The season will soon be upon us, and It’s almost time to dig out your favorite ugly sweater from that holiday crate you threw it in last January!

The Poway Center for the Arts in Poway California, outside of San Diego, is a perfect place to showcase the Wild swingin’ voodoo that we do. It’s state-of-the-art sound system and uninterrupted sight-lines earned it a ranking as one of the counties best concert venues. Their pre-show lobby experience includes craft beer and wine and, on occasion, pre-show performers, dance lessons and more.  By creating an “arts inclusive” atmosphere, we enrich the community with quality performances, unique experiences and valuable memories. Grab that sweater, fluff up the cotton snow man on the front, and head over to the Poway Center for the Arts on November 30th!


Coming up Next Month, In December !!

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Wild and Swingin’

Holiday Party

BBVD xmas poster 2 2018.jpeg

The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Wild and Swingin’ Holiday Party continues until Santa comes back home to the North Pole, and puts the sleigh up on blocks until next season.

Did you know we have two Holiday records? We not only love holiday music enough to make one record, we went back ten years later and made another one. And we’re bringing all of those tunes and our energy across country from San Diego to Connecticut and LOTS of cities in between!

Scroll down to our tour dates to see when we coming to play near you!

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Big bad voodoo Daddy


Together for over 25 years, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy — famously named after an autograph by blues legend Albert Collins — has appeared in concert venues across the world, sold millions of records, and had their music appear in hundreds of movies and television shows. With sold out concerts from the Hollywood Bowl to Lincoln Center, appearances with many of the country's finest symphony orchestras, and television appearances ranging from Dancing with the Stars to Superbowl XXXIII, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy continues it's decades long mission to celebrate and revitalize jazz and swing music — America's original musical art form — and bring joy to audiences around the world.