Q. How do I get into your "private show" 

A. A "private" show means just that, "private." Unfortunately we can not make any exceptions for these type of shows. We do tour all year 'round so hopefully we'll return to your town soon for a public show.


Q. Where can I get Big Bad Voodoo Daddy sheet music?

A. Our official publisher is Hal Leonard Music. Their website is http://www.halleonard.com They have several arrangements of each of our tunes for different size bands etc. They also sell songbooks for the first two records that are a more general piano type books. If Hal Leonard doesn't have what you want, by all means, let them know. They only publish what there is a demand for. So, demand away!


Q. Can I meet you after the show?

A. We almost always do a meet and greet after every show. Just stick around and give us a few minutes to come out. See you there!


Q. When are you coming to .......?

A. Please check the TOUR section FIRST! And remember that we tour year round and are always adding dates. 


Q. Why won't the second disk in your two disc live album play in my CD player?

A. That's because the Live album has a CD AND a DVD, try it in your DVD player! :-)


Q. What kind of mouthpiece/string/stick etc. do you play with?

A. Please check out INSTRUMENTS & GEAR for a run down.