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We’ve mentioned it before, but playing the Canyon Club is like playing in our own backyard.  It’s less than an hour from our hometown of Ventura and any time we can drive to our own homes after a show, it is always appreciated. This upcoming show will be our 12th time playing the Canyon Club over the years and it has that homey, familiar, feel to it.  We always look forward to seeing our hometown friends at these shows and the crowds are always great.   Inevitably, the week after we play a local show someone will ask us when we’re playing locally.  So if you live in Southern California and you are reading this tell a friend!!   Hoping  to see you and a bunch of your friends there on Saturday, September 21st! 

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While being one of the oldest cities in the United States Hartford also boasts of being the home of many famous Americans. Including  dictionary author Noah Webster (1758–1843), firearm inventor Sam Colt (1814–62), American financier and industrialist J.P. Morgan (1837–1913).  And authors  Mark Twain (1835–1910), who moved to the city in 1874. Twain's next-door neighbor at Nook Farm was the author and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811–1896.) 

Hartford is also now home to Infinity Hall.  We’ve been playing infinity Hall since 2009.  First at their Norfolk location and recently we’ve also been playing their newer venue in Hartford.  It’s a well run venue and we’ve appreciated their hospitality and that fact that it’s a great place to see a band.  Their two-level 500-seat venue features a New American bistro as well as pristine acoustics and a world-class sound system!  Mark Twain once said of Hartford, “Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see, this is the chief.” We’ll be a judge of that statement on September 25th.  We’ll see you there. 

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Perhaps it’s because we appreciate how things were done in the past, and we try to recreate music with our own modern interpretation of those bygone sensibilities, but we definitely appreciate playing in theaters that honor the past by restoring their historic stylistic features. In November of 1924, Mayor Arthur A. Rhodes, other city officials, prominent men of the city and hundreds of enthusiastic theatergoers attended opening ceremony of the historic Park Theatre. For the nearly eight decades until it closed its doors in 2002, Cranston’s Park Theatre was a cultural landmark for those growing up and living in Cranston and was recognized as one of the finest theatrical enterprises in the state.  After nearly $10 million in renovations, the one-time film and vaudeville house has been reborn. This approximately 1,000 seat venue features a fully-equipped, state of the art, multi-purpose performing arts center with feature concerts, comedy, theatrical performances, speakers, opera, dance recitals, children’s and family shows, movies, and sports, The new stage is a few feet deeper, but much of the theater’s exterior is original.  Keeping those historical features is so important to help showcase those artifactual features to subsequent generations and these awesome historic theatres also help to bring their communities together by celebrating their own town’s unique history.  Like we’ve said before, the mixture of our music in these beautiful historic theatres makes for a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  We hope YOU can be involved on September 26th.

Friday September 27th

The Cabot

Beverly, MA, United States



Hello Cabot,  We’re excited to see you once again.  The Cabot is undergone a transformation over the years, from a dilapidated old venue, desperately  in need of repair, to a beautiful gem of a theater.   We love going there and visiting New England, especially this time of the year! The Vegan place next door is awesome and the Theater has great audiences and surroundings.  Incidentally the Cabot is turning 100 years old next year.  And in their words,  “The Cabot is an experience like no other–deeply welcoming and unpretentious, intimate, exceptional and live. A grand dame of a theater; still possessing her historic charm but with all the modern amenities that make this encounter timeless.”  Well put, and in in our opinion, very accurate.  Come on down and join us for an amazing night of music, and maybe we’ll see you at the the new Cabot “Streetside” Bar afterwards! 

Saturday September 28th

Barre Opera House

Barre, VT, United States


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Did you know Barre, Vermont is the self-proclaimed "Granite” Center of the World".  After the discovery of vast granite deposits at Millstone Hill soon after the War of 1812, the fame of this vast deposit of granite, which some geologists say is 4 miles long, 2 miles wide and 10 miles deep.  Wow that’s a lot of Granite! Besides their rock solid reputation in igneous aggregate.   Barre is  also home to the Barre Opera house. After the original Barre City Hall/Barre Opera House building, built only twelve years before, was destroyed by fire in 1898, the current building was erected on the same site. The new Opera House, considered the finest in Vermont, seated 1,000 patrons and opened on August 23, 1899.  For its first 45 years, the Opera House served as performance space and community gathering site for such important events as the appearances of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan, socialist Eugene Debs, George M. Cohan and his family, anarchist Emma Goldman, John Philip Sousa and his band, Tom Mix and his horse. In 1912, the Opera House’s outer balcony served as a political soapbox for President William Howard Taft and as a backdrop for a Barre rally featuring former President Theodore Roosevelt. Through the 1930s and 40s the Opera House functioned primarily as a movie theater with occasional breaks in the schedule for variety shows, boxing and wrestling matches. However, with the addition of more modern movie theaters in town, the Barre Opera House doors closed in January, 1944, not to open again for almost 40 years.  Starting in the mid-seventies, a groundswell of community interest and support culminated in the re-opening of the Opera House in October of 1982.   We certainly do not take it for “granite” that the folks in Barre saw to it to restore this amazing building.  We very much look forward to seeing this historical gem of a venue, and playing a great show for the rock solid folks of Barre.  


Tupelo Music Hall

Derry, NH, United States


tupelo ext.jpg
Tupelo int.jpg

In September of 2004, Tupelo Music Hall was born in a repurposed 1890’s farmhouse in Londonderry, NH with the intention of providing occasional music shows to locals.  Within three years, the award winning venue was showcasing over 200 nationally recognized artists per year in their small 2,400 sf space.  We played the Tupelo Music Hall the first time back in 2011. In the Spring of 2017, Tupelo Music Hall relocated to a renovated building in Derry, NH.  In the move, the capacity changed from 240 to nearly 700.  What didn’t change, however, was the listening room experience that folks grew to love in Londonderry.   The Tupelo Music Hall  strives to provide the best listening experience in  New England in an acoustically superior space with state of the art sound equipment.  It’s no mistake that their motto is “It’s All About The Music”.   At Big Bad Voodoo Daddy our motto has always been “Take care of the music, and the music will take care of you” Our mottos seem synonymous.   It seems like a perfect fit for a killer Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show.  We hope you can also be, “all about the music,” with us on September 29th. 

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Together for over 25 years, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy — famously named after an autograph by blues legend Albert Collins — has appeared in concert venues across the world, sold millions of records, and had their music appear in hundreds of movies and television shows. With sold out concerts from the Hollywood Bowl to Lincoln Center, appearances with many of the country's finest symphony orchestras, and television appearances ranging from Dancing with the Stars to Superbowl XXXIII, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy continues it's decades long mission to celebrate and revitalize jazz and swing music — America's original musical art form — and bring joy to audiences around the world.